YouTube SEO Strategies: Rank on top in YouTube Search

SEO is not only for websites, it can also be implemented for YouTube. Well, many of you couldn’t make sense out of it, therefore, I am here with a detailed segment, where I will be discussing YouTube SEO strategies that you can follow, so as to rank on top in YouTube search. I am gonna show you, how exactly you can rank your YouTube videos. So, if you want to grab the major chunk of views, subscribers, and traffic for your YouTube channel, then you would surely love this YouTube SEO tutorial. Let us begin!

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Facts related to YouTube SEO

To understand it better, take it in a way that YouTube is a search engine for videos. The entire site is driven by search bar, which has its own SEO best practices. Who wouldn’t wish to be on top of the search results, be it google, or YouTube. Though, YouTube SEO is a bit different from that of the actual SEO that we do for different search engines. I would be addressing the questions here like: How does YouTube SEO work? What are the steps you should take to optimize a YouTube channel for search? and a lot more.

YouTube SEO Strategies you must follow

I won’t be beating around the bush! Let us straight away jump on the actual strategies:

#Social media sharing

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This is by far the most common and most effective SEO strategy for gaining traction to YouTube. Sharing your videos on every social channel available maximizes your visibility and SEO. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, and what not. When sharing on social channels, you will be also working indirectly on building links to the channel and grow social presence. It is basically a win-win situation.

#Thumbnail attracts people

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This is another obvious but one of the most effective YouTube SEO strategies that you can follow. This isn’t a direct ranking factor, but lays a huge Impact on SEO. Good thumbnails means more clicks, which ultimately means better SEO. Here is the screenshot of all the thumbnails that I design for my YouTube channel.

Thumbnail screenshot

#Optimizing YouTube Tags

Tags are one of the SEO features that is provided by YouTube. This permits you to enter the most relevant and specific keywords that would help your videos to get better views. You can use other related keywords that indirectly indicate your focus keyword. Avoid stuffing them, only go for 10 to 12 of keywords.

#Finding the appropriate keywords for better YouTube

Keywords for YouTube are a bit different from that you use for Google or other Search engines. It is a simple YouTube SEO strategy to google keywords and then look whether any of it shows video results. You can consult me, if you have any query related to finding keywords.

#Optimizing video title

When you write a content, you always have to optimize the headings, as I discussed in one of my articles i.e. How to write a blog post heading. The same goes for YouTube as well. Your video title would require a focus keyword and you should answer any query with your title. Try using clear titles and YouTube SEO will surely show results

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Wait for your YouTube to show results!

Being a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber myself, I understand that not all YouTubers are good with technical aspects. Therefore, I have tried to mentioned the YouTube SEO Strategies in most easy to understand way. I love things when they are crystal clear, and I believe my readers expect the same from me. Thus, I hope that you would now be able to gain major chunk of views and subscribers that your videos and channel actually deserves. In case you have any query, or if you need my assistance at any point of time then comment down, or DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28. You can also comment on my YouTube video @Minal Bhatnagar and ask your queries. I will soon come up with some more interesting and helpful blogs, till then STAY TUNED, SASSY & CLASSY!- Sassy Blogger

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