WhatsApp Multi-Device Support, Other Features Confirmed By Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

It has been a while since WhatsApp is working on the multi device support and a couple of other features. Now, it has been confirmed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg that the three new features are coming to WhatsApp super soon. The new features include WhatsApp Multi-Device Support, a new disappearing mode and support on iPad. Being in the relay to be one of the top technology bloggers, I feel myself to be responsible to cater the most updated information to my readers. So, here I am with the segment “WhatsApp multi device Support, other features confirmed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg“.

Whatsapp multi device support feature-screenshot

The confirmation has been received, that the App would roll out many new features for the platform. This information was confirmed with a unique chat with the WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo.

Features launching soon!

  • Multi device support

The WhatsApp Multi-Device Support feature is going under a lot of tests for a very long time. The feature is confirmed to roll out in public beta within the coming months. After the launch of this feature, the user would be able to use WhatsApp account on multiple devices even when the primary device isn’t connected to the internet. According to Mark, it was technical challenge to get all the messages and content to sync in a proper manner, across devices.

  • Disappearing messages

Disappearing messages have already been available, since the last year. When the user turns on this feature, it lets him/her to share messages that automatically disappear in a chat after a period of seven days. Soon, WhatsApp will be launching a full-fledged mode labelled disappearing mode that will turn on the disappearing messages for the chats. In this, view once, which is a new feature will be added that would make content disappear, as soon as the person has seen the content like snaps. As soon as the receiver opens the photos and videos once before they disappear. The screenshot feature would be available even after the introduction of the above feature.

  • Support on iPad

This particular feature is also expected to be launched with the other two. However, it isn’t explicitly mentioned, but there is one through multi device. Cathcart further confirmed that WhatsApp will open up the beta more iOS users soon.

Excited for the new features!

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