5 vital WordPress plugins for a website

Made a website on WordPress and confused with the plugins? Well, need not to panic, I am here to help you. To use WordPress, you need not to be a pro. Even I started as a newbie with no technical background, and with time I am able to make the best of my website sassy blogger, that I made on WordPress on my own. Talking about plugins, they are one essential aspect of a website. Plugins are basically the apps that you can use with WordPress. They permit you to add new features and functionalities to the site. The plugins actually help in optimizing the site, protect it against spammers, and improve the user experience. Considering this, I have come up with a comprehensive piece of writing, that will brief you with vital WordPress plugins for a website. So, you can come along with me, and we will explore further together!

List of 5 vital WordPress plugins for website

I have drafted this list from my personal experience with my website i.e. sassyblogger.com. I manage this website on my own, so I feel that I am eligible to tell you what plugins can help you in making your website even better. Check out the list below:

#Yoast SEO

Vital wordpress plugins Yoast SEO-screenshot

This is the very first plugin that I wanted to share with you guys. The major reason is the functionality that it offers. Who doesn’t wish to rank higher on search engines. With the Yoast SEO plugin, SEO becomes super damn easy, especially on page SEO. With this plugin, what you can do is, you can optimize your page or article around a single keyword. It is available in both free and premium versions. If you aren’t using this particular plugin, then make sure to try it and do share the results with in either in the comments down or you can DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28.


Vital wordpress plugins elementor-screenshot

Another plugin that I use majorly is elementor. This plugin has it all from drag and drop page builder, to pixel perfect design, and also mobile responsive editing. It is an ultimate and free plugin that lets you create some beautiful WordPress websites in the easiest and quickest possible way. I would suggest you to try this plugin at least once, and share your experience.


Vital wordpress plugins smush-screenshot

A large number of visitors get attracted to the visuals of a website and the content. When you write an article, you try to add some attractive pictures, so as to keep the readers glued to the segment. This is when smush plugin is required. This is a plugin that compresses and optimizes the images automatically. Uploading plenty of images on pages and posts is possible with this plugin, keeping the load time super quick. Make your content visually appealing with Smush

#Social media and share icons

If you designed and developed your website on your own, then you might know the difficulty behind adding social media icons to the site. This difficulty is resolved using this particular plugin. You can add the social media and share icons like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, etc., with much ease using this plugin. Even I have done the same on my website, you can view that on home page of sassy blogger.

#WP super cache

A slow site can frustrate your visitors, and in turn can hurt the conversions. This is where the WP super cache comes into play. This plugin creates a static pages of your site, and these pages are then served instead of processing the full PHP scripts. This basically reduces the page serving time. Also, increases the load time of the page and the site. If your website is also slow, then install this plugin right away.

Start using these plugins today!

Out of the experience and observations, I have tried to share 5 vital WordPress plugins for a website in this segment and I hope that you found this piece of writing helpful. For any query, you can contact me via email i.e. minalbhatnagar30@gmail.com or comment below. You can also DM me on Instagram. I would love to have a healthy conversation. It is time to bid adieu, I will come up some more interesting and helpful segments for you super soon. Until then, stay SASSY and CLASSY.

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