How to use reels to increase Instagram followers?

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Have you checked the reels feature in Instagram? Do you know how beneficial it is for you? Want to know how to use reels to increase Instagram followers. Well, posting reels on Instagram brings in more engagement and followers. Once you will notice, you will see that the engagement stats go up after posting an Instagram reel. The short video format debuted on the platform, and has somehow replaced Tiktok in India. Aren’t you excited to know more about reels? Being a content creator, a youtuber and influencer, reels feature has been super fascinating for me. Out of that excitement, I have drafted this informative segment, where I will be talking in detail about how Instagram reels can improve Instagram engagement.

Instagram wants quality reels to be seen

Think for a while, why does Instagram redesigned its homescreen after the whole reel situation came in? Well, you have to be insane to not understand the basic fact that Instagram itself wants the reels to be in front and center, so that the feature is more stressed upon. Reels have become a key frontier for organic reach on the app. The more people you reach with reels, the higher are the chances that follower count and engagement rate will grow.

Instagram reel hacks for better engagement

Now that you know Instagram reels can boost your engagement at large. Here I have some cool hacks that you can follow for enhancing your reach using Instagram reels. Let’s dig in together:

  • Push your reels to your Instagram feed: I would highly recommend the creators to push the reels to the feed and use reels to increase Instagram followers. This is because it permits to get a little boost from the current followers.
Instagram feed sharing reels
Well, this is a screenshot of my profile on Instagram and the video icon shows that the reels have been shared in the feed along with the pictures.
  • Post Consistently : Consistency is a key of every social media platform, no matter whether it is Instagram reel, Youtube, or any other social platforms like Moj etc. By being consistent, Instagram more quickly gets an idea of who the target audience is and who would like the content. The more you post, the faster you will grow. Try posting a reel each day.
  • Use the main hashtags : I won’t suggest to stuff your reel with tons of keywords the main hashtags that I would recommend you to use are #reelitfeelit #reelkrofeelkro #remix #reelsindia.
  • Engage back with commenters : Increase your engagement by commenting back to the ones who comment on your videos. No matter how big or small the audience is, talking with them is great for growing engagement and audience. Make your commenters a priority and try commenting back each of them.

Biggest perk of using reel feature

Reels is still fairly a new feature, it is easy to reap maximum benefits straight out of it and use reels to increase Instagram followers. One can use reels to enhance the reach and audience base. Unlike stories or IGTV, reels can be used to create video views custom audiences for retargeting, which is a game-changer trust me. Moreover, this feature offers great sharing functionality. And as a creator, I would say that one can share reels to the story and grid. And viewers also can share reels to their stories, which allows wider reach and audience retention.

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Reels are super easy to create!

Instagram reels can be a turning point for aspiring influencers and content creators out there. Being a content creator, even I am also working towards Instagram reels feature and will soon share the results with my readers. If you found this piece of writing helpful even 1%, then do share your views with me either in the comments below, or via mail i.e. You can also DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28 and I would love to have a healthy chit chat session with you guys. I will soon come up with another interesting segment, until then stay SASSY and CLASSY.

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