How to Use Google Trends for Marketing Research?

Targeting the current trend or what is currently popular is the best way to get more from your business. Well, this can be easily found with Google Trends. It is the only keyword research tool that offers insights depending upon the actual google search data. What makes it even better is that it is a free tool that can be accessed easily, unlike the traditional marketing research techniques. You can easily spot the current and existing trends in search marketing using Google trends, and further implement the techniques to your marketing strategies.

This piece of information will help you to learn how you can use Google trends and maximize your reach. Buckle up and get started!

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Facts related to using Google trends in marketing

Google trends was initially created for journalists. This tool can help marketers for spotting trending topics across different industries. It will show you what topics are currently trending and also how the information can be used to attract audience.

On Google trends you not only can look for what is trending, but also find out whether the topic you want to cover has any scope or not or has any traction or not. This amazing tool gives you the freedom to analyze search term popularity over time, along with exploring similar keywords and comparing the popularity of the search term in different regions.

Ways to use google trends in marketing

Now that you have a little idea of what Google trends is all about, it is time to check out the ways that can help you to use google trends in marketing.

#1 Getting topics for Articles and posts

Short of Article topics? Well, Google trends can be a great way to find new and exciting topics to write. This is best for writers, as creating content that grab reader’s attention and also that will rank on Google is often challenging. So, use Google trends to find out what readers are looking forward to read. Next to related queries, you can see an option that says related topics. This will show the broad topics people are looking for. You can simply create an entire series of posts on those related topics .

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#2 Make your SEO better with Google trends

SEO plays the most vital role, and there is always a room for improvement in SEO. You can use Google trends to get help with keyword research and identify the most relevant keywords. You can also check whether or not a topic is evergreen enough to put your efforts.

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#3 Use Google trends for YouTube

Google trends is typically used for improving the website’s performance, but it can also be used to improve reach in social media as well as YouTube. For using Google trends to search for YouTube keywords, you would have to type in a keyword that you want to optimize your video around. And then make use of the drop down menu to switch from web search to YouTube search. You will be able to see if the keyword is trending on YouTube or not.

Make the best out of Google trends!

Working on current trends is the best way to drive maximum traction and make the best from your business. The industry you belong to doesn’t matter, your audience is actively looking for things on Google and you need to get your hands on those things. This is when you can make use of Google trends. I expect you might be able to make the best out of Google trends after reading this piece of writing. For any queries or to share your views, comment down or let us have a healthy chit chat session on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28. I will soon come up with another interesting segment, till then STAY SASSY!

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