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Are you seeking for an app that could take the place of TIK-TOK in your life? Since the time Indian Government has banned Tik-Tok and 59 other chinese apps, Tik-Tok lovers are in search of the best alternatives to tik-tok that could work for them.

List of alternatives to Tik-Tok

Here are the top 5 alternatives to tik-tok for you, soooooooo let us begin!!!

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You might think that this girl has gone mad, how Instagram can be an alternative for Tik-tok. But, it is possible, as a smart move has been taken by Instagram by introducing the whole new concept of REELS. Instagram has launched a short video feature in India, which is named as REELS. This feature lets the user to create videos, using filters, music and sharing it beyond the followers. This feature, just like Tik-Tok allows the user to film a 15 seconds video. Unlike the story feature of Instagram, REELS could be shared in the explore section and can viewed by everyone on the platform. So, do you now agree that Instagram has become a great alternative to Tik-Tok or not?



Another app that tops the list of top 5 alternatives to tik-tok is the CHINGARI app. This app is steadily rising in popularity, as it is considered a good Indian alternative to chinese app. In the last month, this app crossed 2.5 million downloads, which is a proof in itself of it being a great alternative.

It is rated to 4.7 in Google play, whereas 4.2 in Apple Store. It comes with similar features to that of Tik-Tok and a couple more, along with a tagline “Original Indian short video app”. So, do check it out once, and do share whether you feel the chingari has some spark or not. LOL!!



The next in the list is the Roposo app, which is a made in India video sharing app. This is a short video sharing platform, which is available in several languages over 25 channels. The app has witnessed a surge in the user base by 22 million in just 2 days, after the Tik-Tok was banned by Indian Government. It also started trending on twitter, which makes it even more compatible to be in the list of top 5 alternatives of tik-tok.

Users can record videos, use filters, add effects, and can also earn and transfer money via this app. So, go check this one out, and do share your views regarding this with me on my INSTAGRAM HANDLE.



This might be the cheesiest sounding app name in the list of top 5 alternatives to tik-tok. The Mitron is 8.03 MB application that permits to share videos developed in Bengaluru. It is rated as 4.7 in Google Play. Though, I am not completely convinced of the app being a great alternative to Tik-tok, but it is a good video sharing app.

Do let me know, if you found the MITRON app to be a great choice. Share your views with me MITRON!! LOL!!



The last app that successfully made to the list of top 5 tik-tok alternatives is “FUNIMATE”. This app adds slow motion, emojis, texts, and more, which makes it more appealing to the masses. Loop videos is also a common trend on this app. This offers a better online presence, and allows to collaborate with other users.

This app is relatively new in the market, and is yet to become saturated with too many people. Do check it out and find out whether this app is worth the hype or not.

That’s about it, for now. The apps I have mentioned here as an alternative to Tik-tok come with their own pros and cons, but it is clearly the member’s choice. If you feel any of your choice is missing from the list, then do comment down and let me know!

So, it is time to bid adieu until the next article, till then STAY SASSY & CLASSY!!

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