Tips to start an Instagram store in 2021

More than 500 million Instagram users use this platform daily and around 50% of them follow at least one business profile. Isn’t it enough to prove that Instagram businesses are a success these days? Trust me when I say this, we live in an era where everything is social, and Instagram is a social network that is having incredible growth. If you really want some good engagement for your brand, then starting an Instagram store is all what you need. Considering all these facts, I have come up with this article, where I will be sharing with you some tips to start an Instagram store. And you can rely on me, as I am also starting my Instagram store and these are the tips I personally have followed and am following. So, don’t worry, come along and we will build a successful Instagram store together!

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More about an Instagram Store

For becoming an influential brand on Instagram, all you need is the right plan. An Instagram store lets the user to integrate the product catalogue with the Instagram profile. This permits to promote the products via posts, stories, in the explore tab, and now in reels as well.

One thing I would tell you in advance that it is not a magical process. Growing on Instagram takes time, it is a gradual process. Today’s consumers are more social media driven, so social media presence is very much important to make your brand and products accessible to the. Instagram has the highest engagement rate by far compared to any other channel, with users staying an average of 192 seconds per visit. You can maximize your presence on Instagram with your own Instagram store. Let’s dive into the tips to start an Instagram store and build a loyal audience.

How beneficial is starting an Instagram store?

Instagram store will definitely give a kick to your revenue and engagement. Here are the key perquisites of starting an Instagram store:

  • Direct display of your products
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When it comes to reaching out to target audience, Instagram is the best platform I believe. This platform allows you to directly display your products and attract your audience and covert them into buyers. I personally feel like, starting an Instagram store is far better than an offline shop. I have just started with my store @the_lifestyle_corner_, and will be launching it soon. On Instagram you just need to post your product image and mention the details down. This is the basic, which a simple person can do in his/her very initial stage. There are influencers who have started their own brands and doing great just via Instagram stores.

  • Exposure of products to users with high purchase intent

On Instagram, you will be exposing your products to the target audience, and the ones with high purchase intent. This increases the chance to convert a viewer into a buyer. If your product is worthy enough and has the capability to attract attention, then trust me this will be a win-win situation for you.

  • Makes shopping easier for consumers

According to me, the easiest way to shop is through Instagram stores. The picture itself shows the product, and moreover the comments would tell you the reviews of the products. The stores that are new and are at their initial stage allows the viewer to get in touch directly with the owner, such as at @the_lifestyle_corner_. And the ones with huge following, have a support team working on the brand round the clock, like the brand @sugar. This definitely makes shopping easier for consumers.


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Here are the tips to start your Instagram store!

If you have made your mind and want to start an Instagram store like me, then just have a look at the below tips:

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  • Lay the groundwork

I might sound a bit too technical to you, but before you can start your Instagram store, it is important for you to meet all the requirements and start with a roadmap. If you already have a store offline or if you run a business, then you might be well versed with the requirements of a business. But if you are simply starting with a business on Instagram, then you need to have a full proof plan in your head. Select your niche, decide what sort of audience you would like to target on Instagram. Introduce the audience with your products initially. Starting from scratch takes time and efforts equally. You can’t get zillions of followers overnight. At first, you might get disheartened, as even a single follower takes time, but it is in your hands how you want to build it.

  • Promote your store yourself

Trust me when I say this, no one would get to know about your store on their own. Do not be shy in shouting about your store on every possible platform. Try to direct audience from any platform you can, be it whatsapp, MXTakatak, Moj, Facebook, etc. You will have to tell everyone to check out your store and attract audience.

  • Post about your products constantly

Consistency is the key on Instagram, and I would recommend you to create posts about your products on Insta at regular cadence. Fix a day and time and post accordingly. This will give an identity to your brand, and people would know when you will be posting next.

  • Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags can be a complete game changer for your brand. Use relevant hashtags and start following similar accounts. This would definitely boost your audience interaction and you will be recognized earlier.

  • Start selling once you reach 500 followers

I won’t recommend on a personal level to start selling before reaching 500 followers at least. This might not make sense to all, but till the time you don’t have a handful of followers, selling one or two products might cost you from your pocket more than the worth. You can set the target for the viewers and ask them to reach 500 or less followers for the super launch. This is not mandatory though, but the one who thinks the same way and go for this one.

  • Reveal the BTS

This is one of the best ways to keep a personal touch of your brand in your online store. If you are a manufacturer, then you can share the behind the scenes of your manufacturing process. Whereas, if you are a reseller, try to connect with your audience on stories and posts showing them the packaging process or the BTS related to the products.

  • Post product teasers

This can be a great thing to urge people to buy. You can post the teasers of your products and increase the excitement amongst the viewers. At the very initial stage, you can attach the product image with launching soon logo and ask them to follow before launch to get discounts.

Was that enough to start your Instagram store?

Well, I won’t bore by lecturing about starting an Instagram store. But, if you want people to be gaga on your products, then don’t wait for a miracle to happen. Just start today and follow the above tips to start an Instagram store. I have also started recently from scratch, so let’s start this new journey together and see where it takes us. Leave your comments below or DM me on my Insta handle. You can also mail your views @ .

Time to take a leave and until my next blog stay tuned, SASSY & CLASSY!!!

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