Should you buy your domain and hosting or use for your blog

Being a blogger, I understand the value of a domain and hosting. When you are in the starting phase of your blog, the most depressing question for you can be to either buy your domain and hosting or use for your blog. Both buying a custom domain and hosting or using for the blog have their pros and cons. If you are also doubtful whether you should go for a custom domain and hosting or should use or any other free blogging site for you first every blog, stick around and all your doubts will be clarified.

Brief into Buy your domain and hosting or use

What is a domain?

Talking about web host, it is a service that provides the hardware and software necessary for displaying the content. These web host will store all the files that make up the website. Whereas, a domain name or URL of the website is the address that people type into the browser to get the website. Such as if you want to search my website, you would have to type Domain name basically gives an identity to the blog and directs the readers to it. Your domain name serves as the address of the website and also reflects the topic or niche.

Purchasing a domain and hosting might seem to be an exciting step, but there are a lot more things than they appear to be.

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Hosted blog domain VS Owning your domain

Hosted blog domain basically means a free domain name and website hosting. This might sound attractive, but there are many pitfalls to be aware of. Whereas, owning your domain means purchasing one from a domain registrar that will register the name and host it on their server. Check out the in-depth facts, advantages, and disadvantages of hosted blog domain as well as owning your domain below:

Free Domain/ Hosted blog domain -screenshot

When you are just starting your blog, or if you are a student who is fantasising about being a blogger, the idea of free domain seems quite interesting. Getting a free domain, which means having the blog hosted comes with more of drawbacks than perks.


The only benefit that you get from a blog hosted is that it is “FREE”.


While talking about the cons of a free domain, the list includes:

  • The very basic drawback is that it is not as professional as an owned domain
  • Moreover, if you are starting a blog with an aim to monetize it, then you will not be able to
  • You will also have to stick to the provided templates, when it comes to customization
  • Neither you will have control over the ads, nor on the intrusive measures
  • The major drawback is that a sub-domain that one gets appears to be cheap to the readers and also it lowers down the brand value

Even though being the blog owner, you might not have total control over your website. Moreover, when it comes to the look and feel of the website, the options are highly limited. And in certain cases, the blogging platforms won’t allow you to have a website for commercial purposes.

Even after so many cons, I would suggest you to have a free domain/ or get hosted blog domain, if you are just a beginner and want to experiment with blogging. In simple words, you can try out free domain for practising purpose.

Buying a domain name

In order to buy a domain name, one can purchase it from a domain registrar that will register the name and host it on their server. Buying a domain name has its pros as well as cons. Check this out:


  • The very important aspect of buying a domain is that it allows customization and lets the user to create and share his/her brand
  • The domain name you purchase will be all about your blog and no sub domain will be added to the address
  • For better experience, one gets functionality enhancements
  • The best part is that you can monetize your blog, if you purchase domain name and hosting


  • The cons are very clear, which is being expensive
  • Another drawback can be that you are spending money before the blog begins to generate some amount

Buying a domain and hosting provides a clean URL, such as . This allows you to have better search rankings with Google and also help more people in finding your blog. As you scale your business, you will not be restricted with the hosting options. Majority of the hosting providers allow the users to have access to third party tools and enhancements, for better experience for the readers. In a nutshell, if you want to make money out of blogging, then purchasing a domain is a must.

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Free blogging platforms

Talking about the free blogging platforms, there can be many options available for you to start your own blog. This includes the following:

  • : It is a free publishing platform owned by Google. Creating a blog on blogger will automatically get you the BlogSpot domain. In this, Google hosts the blog on their blogger platform with a default BlogSpot domain. At, you will get the options or templates to change the appearance of the blog according to your choice. On social sharing is geared towards Google + rather than all social networks. Moreover, Google can also suspend your blog at any point of time or even cancel the blogger service altogether.
  • WordPress free version: WordPress starts with a free plan and then adds three premium levels. The free version includes subdomain basic design customization and 3GB storage. It is simple to start and easy to use. Here you get a few extra social sharing options, unlike blogger. However, in the free version you don’t own your blog, WordPress can suspend and delete your account if they find you violating the terms. And for using themes and plugins other than the templates, you will have to pay high premium.

From where to buy a domain and hosting?

If you have decided to buy a domain and hosting, then you will have a lot of options available out there. This will include, GoDaddy, Namecheap, hostinger, and many other third-party providers. You can read the detailed article, where I have compared all the available options with the prices and features. You can also contact me for any further details @ or DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28. I will love to answer all your queries, with all the experience I have after buying my domain name and hosting for this website.

I hope that I have contributed a little in starting your own blog and deciding whether to buy your domain and hosting or use If not, then all your suggestions are welcomed with open arms. Feel free to comment down, and until you land on my next article STAY SASSY & CLASSY!!!

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