Puppy eyeliner is latest Korean beauty trend

In the race to be one of the top fashion and beauty bloggers and beauty influencer, it is very much crucial for me to keep my lovely audience and readers updated with the latest beauty trends. These days, Korean beauty hacks, and Korean skin care is a lot in trend. Puppy eyeliner is latest Korean beauty trend, that you should check out at least once. If you want to know, how to apply the puppy eyeliner, then keep scrolling with sassy blogger!

What is Puppy Eyeliner – the Korean beauty trend?

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The puppy eyeliner trend is quite cute, basically it is that sort of eyeliner that will make the eyes look rounded. It is much like its name, cute and you can flaunt the trend and look cute at the same time. To relate it better, answer a question: Have you ever seen a puppy and went all “aww”, at the cuteness of the eyes. This trend will let your eye look bigger and brighter.

Grab your eye makeup kit and hop on the trend!

Puppy eyeliner look is all about drawing the liner down in the direction of the lower lash line. Get your eye game in place with the below tips:

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  • Obtain the look with any eyeliner that you want
  • Trace the flick with Kohl unless you get a grip on it. Switch to eyeliners to draw your eyes, whenever you get time
  • Experiment with bright colors for your flicks

Steps to get the perfect puppy eyeliner

To get the perfect puppy eyeliner, all you need to do is follow some simple steps:

  • Never forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin
  • Apply a creamy hush over the lids
  • Take any eyeliner of your choice and draw a line from the inner corners of your eyes to upper eyelid, tilting the curve downwards
  • Using Kohl, line your lower lash line from center to the edge of it. And then connect it to the top eyeliner. Blend the kohl using eyeliner brush to add to the drama
  • Fill in the bare lower lash line using a colored eyeliner to brighten your eyes. Or else leave it as it is.
  • Use a mascara to give a exotic volume to your lashes
  • And shape your brows and fill in the gaps

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Get a grip on makeup with Sassy Blogger!

Are you new in this makeup game? Well, these trends change each day. Hop on each of the trends with Sassy Blogger. Check out my makeup and beauty related videos on YouTube @Minal Bhatnagar . Or start a conversation on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28 ! I would love to share my makeup secrets with my lovely readers. And really hope, this segment would have helped you to know why this puppy eyeliner is so much into trend. I will soon come up with some more interesting content, till then stay SASSY, STYLISH, and CLASSY. – Sassy Blogger

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