PUBG Mobile relaunch as Battleground Mobile India

When PUBG was there in India, people went GAGA over it. Returning of PUBG is a great news for all the PUBG lovers out there. Recently, the official website for battlegrounds mobile India went live, which confirmed the PUBG Mobile relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India. And that too will be renamed for the Indian market. I know you won’t be able to brake your excitement, so I would directly jump onto the words of South Korean developer of PUBG Mobile.

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Krafton said it is bringing back the popular gaming title to India under the brand name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The title would be using the color scheme of the Indian flag and is largely a replica of PUBG Mobile. It will offer a world class AAA multiplayer and free to play gaming experience on mobile.

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He further added that they will open pre-registration for PUBG Mobile relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India soon ahead of its launch in the country. The specific date is yet to be announced, as they are building suspense and thrill amongst the PUBG lovers.

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PUBG Deets

In September last year, PUBG Mobile which was published in India by Chinese internet giant Tencent, got banned along with other Chinese apps after a prolonged border standoff between the neighbors. PUBG lite in India has been pulled back. Currently one can only play PUBG PC in India legally. The company recently uploaded an official teaser on YouTube. The India-specific PUBG game will be hitting the country very soon. Prior to being banned in India, PUBG mobile used to be the most popular mobile game in the country. The app has amassed over 50 million monthly active users in the country.

Moreover, the game helped establishing an entire ecosystem of esports organizations and even a cottage industry of streamers that made the most of its spectator-sport-friendly gameplay.

Privacy and data security

This time, Privacy and data security will be the top priority. And Krafton will be working with the partners to ensure that the data protection and security at each stage. All this is to ensure that the privacy rights are respected and all the data collection and storage will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India.

What comes with PUBG Mobile relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Krafton has mentioned that the battlegrounds mobile India will launch with a number of restrictions. All these restrictions are aimed at protecting the web being of minors and players. The users of this gaming app would be required to provide the phone number of their parent or guardian to play the game. Moreover, the daily time and money spend will be limited to three hours and about $95 respectively.

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Are you excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India launch?

The day and the date for the launch of battleground mobile India is yet to be announced. But what’s better than the re-entry of PUBG for PUBG lovers. If you are also a PUBG lover and eagerly waiting for the launch of battleground mobile India, then comment down and share your views with our readers. Or you can also DM me on Instagram @ .. I would love to have a one on one chit chat session with you. I will soon be coming up with my next piece of writing till then STAY SASSY and CLASSY – Minal Bhatnagar

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