Photoshop Alternatives to 2021- Must Try

For tech geeks and the ones who belong to social media industry, Photoshop is not less than a boon. Photo editing, graphic designing, and other digital arts have captured this era completely and a great demand for the same could be sensed in the market. However, not all of you might able to make the best use of Photoshop and might look for some cool alternatives. Considering this, I have come up with a curated list of Top tools and programs similar to Photoshop, and especially the ones that are capable of replacing the tool. This list has both free and paid Photoshop alternatives for 2021. So, without any further ado, let us dive into today’s article!

Must try Free and Paid Photoshop alternatives for 2021

Photoshop is a powerful platform, and offers the best editing to the tech-geeks and people pertaining to social media industry. However, there are certain features of Photoshop which one can only access after buying the paid version. Moreover, if you are a newbie to the editing world, then you might find this software to be a bit over the top and less intuitive. This is when you realize the need of some Photoshop alternatives. Well, need not to bother, here is the list of top Photoshop alternatives for 2021. You gotta check this out!

Top 4 Proxies to Photoshop

The list goes on somewhat like this:


Canva photoshop alternative-screenshot

Talking about the Photoshop alternatives, CANVA tops the list. It is one of the finest software that permits the user to access unlimited layouts, stocks, tools, fonts, crops, styles, and design elements to give a completely different look to the edits.

Canva photoshop alternative-screenshot2

This tool also permits the user to design birthday cards, social media covers, logo, flyers, invitation cards, business cards, and much more. Moreover, one also get ready-made templates and things that one can edit to design the images. Canva offers free basic plan for the users and 30 days of free trial to take a start with this useful program.



Another software that made to this list is Pixlr. This app offers a wide range of easy to use photo editing tools. It is an open source photoshop alternative for the tech geeks.

pixlr photoshop-screenshot

And also helps in resizing, cropping, and removing background from the images. It is a free tool and allows the user to draw anything on the picture. Moreover, one can also fix blemish, duplicate parts of photo, or even remove spots using this tool.


Photoshop Alternatives to 2021-screenshot

Designing beautiful images is now possible with Luminar. It is another best alternative to photoshop, as it allows the user to quickly browse and organize the photos. Moreover, it also has an auto organize system that helps in organizing the photos in a natural way making the navigation easy. With features and specifications like sky enhancers, contrast, styles, coloring, etc., Luminar makes photo editing quite realistic and easy in just few mouse clicks.


Photoshop Alternatives to 2021-screenshot 1-screenshot

The fourth alternative to Photoshop is said to be Pizap. It is also an alternative to Polarr and foto, and it helps in editing and color correcting photographs with a single click. It contains HTML5 and flash versions that one can use on any device, on PC, tablet, and mobile phone. Not only this, it also offers a large number of features such as, dark and modern design with the support of sliders for quick customization that works efficiently with touch screen devices. It also possess stickers and many other effects. However, some of the effects are paid and also it doesn’t work with RAW files.

The bottom line!

At, I try my best to come up with informative articles for my readers. While crafting this piece of information, I expected it to be helpful to you in getting your hands on the best Photoshop alternative for 2021. And I sincerely hope that this article did its job. Whereas, if it wasn’t up to the mark in answering your queries, then you can directly connect with me via Instagram @ , or email me at . I would love to have chit chat session with you. Now, it is time to bid adieu, and until my next piece of writing, STAY SASSY & CLASSY!! #sassyblogger

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