Parenting challenges during covid-19

Parenting is a task and 90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again. An undeniable fact is that parenting has never been so easy, from schooling, working from home, and a lot more. And this pandemic has only added to the challenges of parents. COVID 19 has shaken up families all over the world. Even after parents have more time for their children during this pandemic, the pressure to juggle multiple roles is quite annoying and stressful and devoting time particularly for parenting is tough. Focusing on different aspects of their child’s growth has become quite difficult for parents. Parenting challenges during covid-19 have raised to a great extent.

When the entire world is battling the effects of this terrifying disease, parents have entered a state of panic. Let us take a closer look at some major challenges that parents are facing during this pandemic!

#Helping children with online classes and schoolwork

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The schools are shut, and it has become a tough task for the parents to keep up with the learnings of their children. Though, it isn’t impossible, yet this requires attention of parents at large. The parents have to dedicate their major chunk of time in keeping an eye on whether their children are attending online classes or working on their home assignments. And also assist them in all these processes. This is one of the major Parenting challenges during covid-19. A suggestion to parents is to go easy on your kids, as this can help in reducing their stress levels. Give your children short breaks in between and let them re-energize themselves.

#Healthy routines are a must

In these pandemic times, everyone is meant to stay indoors. You might lose the track of your time, and this might disrupt the daily schedule of your child along with you. It is very much essential to maintain a proper healthy routine of your kid, so as to let their cognitive growth doesn’t get hampered. Make sure that you introduce your kids to a strict routine and ask them to look forward to their routine. This would keep them full of energy and engaged at the same time. You should also reinforce the importance of hygiene and handwashing in your kids. Let them know the importance of hygiene, then only they would willing follow a healthy routine. Encourage the healthy habits, and make things like a game for them, so that they can engage better.

#Engaging children in different activities

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Keeping your children active during the pandemic can be a tough task. Different activities should be performed by the child, so as to avoid growth restraints. Provided that they aren’t allowed to go out to play or meet their friends, it is often challenging for their parents to keep them occupied and engage them in different activities. In such cases, the parents can always help them in getting used to some new activities which can be either reading, dancing, yoga, meditation, board games, or a lot more home-based games and activities. You can maintain a separate time for fun and play and keep them busy, at the same time help them in growing.

#Working on behavior problems

When children are confined to a particular place, they might misbehave, it is a reaction to the amount of stress they have under and a way to vent out their frustration. Remaining calm is a must for parents, so as to keep the children in discipline. You can manage your own stress levels through exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and make time for fun, and also adopt a regular relaxation practice. The calmer the parents are, the better it would be to handle the child’s reaction to stress. Reward your child’s good behaviour, and never yell at or spank your child. And at times, it would be better to do nothing and ignore the bad behaviour of your child, till the time the kid cools down.

#Tackling children’s fears and stress

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During this pandemic, it might happen that your kid might undergo fear and stress. After watching news or overhearing regarding pandemic, children might get scared. Addressing the child’s fear and stress, should be your top priority and also it is very important to reassure their physical and emotional well-being. In case your child is young, then avoid volunteering too much information. Answer the queries of your child with simplicity and honesty. Tell them regarding safety precautions, and ensure not to frighten them.

Be more loving and affectionate towards your kiddo. You should arrange a one on one session with your kiddo. This would work great in building the bond stronger and understand your kid’s mental condition. Also, share with your kids the positive aspects of this lockdown as well, so that their stress level goes down and they don’t enter state of panic. Being a parent, it is important for you to keep your children away from stress and their fear.

#Parenting teens

Adolescents can face a tough time during this pandemic and this adds to Parenting challenges during covid-19. Children of this age group, are missing in some of the most essential moments of their young lives. Missing important school events to getting separated from their friends for a long time, can be enough to trigger them. Teen years are always critical, and during this pandemic they are affected at large. Though connecting with teenagers isn’t easy, as they withdraw from a conversation easily and it is difficult to communicate with them, but paying a little more attention, catering them the best advice. And also showing them extra love can help parents in managing their teens.

You can start a healthy discussion with your teens on the topic they would love to discuss upon, such as their interests, friends, or on other interesting subjects. Once you feel they are comfortable in the discussion, you can head forward with the topics you want to discuss with them, but make sure that you are polite on them. You can cook and eat along with your teens. If gardening interests them, go for that option. Exercising with teens is also a great way to strengthen the bond and kick start a better communication.

Face the parenting challenges during pandemic with more enthusiasm!

Parenting requires a lot of efforts, and those efforts have been doubled up after being locked into boundaries of our houses, during this pandemic. While your children might be frightened about this pandemic, older kids and teens might feel annoyed from the restrictions they are in. There are ways to get through this critical time, without becoming a drill sergeant or transforming your home into a war land. These were the parenting tips, so as to tackle out the Parenting challenges during covid-19 coming on to your way. Hope you would be able to mold your child in a better way. Until my next piece of writing, STAY SAFE, HAPPY, & SASSY!! #Sassy Blogger

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