MX TAKATAK – The trending short video app

After Tiktok got banned, one of the apps rather I should say Indian short video apps that had a buzz all around was MX TAKATAK. This is basically a short video making app that has replaced tiktok successfully. As per the recent stats, this Indian short video app has more than 10 million daily active users and 45 million monthly active users, with generating more than 1Bn video video views on a daily basis.

MX takatak- screenshot

Undoubtedly, tiktok turned out to be the foundation stone for short video apps in India. And since Indian Government announced a ban on Tiktok, Mx Takatak joined the race of the homegrown short video apps. It is developed by Mx Player’s developers. Being a content creator, I have used this app and am still using. After using this app, you definitely won’t miss Tiktok at all. It is a great homegrown platform offering a wide variety of short form content and creation tools. This includes a great music library, advanced filters and tools, sound mixing, and much more.

Would you like to download Mx Takatak?

If you are also a Tiktok lover and want to explore Mx takatak, then you can download it on Android. It is of 25MB in size and rated as 4.2 stars on Google Play Store, which is a commendable rating. To download and run this app, all you need to do is:

  • Open Google play store and search for Mx Takatak
  • You will see the below icon
  • After locating the app, open its page and click on the Install tab
  • Once the app is installed properly, you are good to go

Now, you can run the app. The app’s user interface is quite similar to that of Tiktok, so as a user, you would not find any issue in using this app. The homepage would show the trending videos by default, and it also allows to toggle to the following tab from the same window.

Features you would experience with MX Takatak

mx takatak in app- screenshot

Though the features get updated quite frequently, below is the list of some main features that you will be able to access in MX takatak:

  • Trending videos tab: As I mentioned earlier, you can browse the trending short videos
  • Save and Share status: The user can save the videos and share status videos
  • Shoot and edit: This has to be the feature no explanation required. You can make videos on any sound and share online
features mx takatak-screenshot
  • Beauty cam: The user also gets access to beauty filters and effects
  • Language supported: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi.
  • Music library: Tons of latest songs and hits to film on
music library- screenshot

Would you give this app a shot?

Well, on a personal note, I would definitely recommend you to give this a shot, as I personally use this and feel it to be a great short video app. Try it once and do let me know either on instagram or in the comments below, about your experience with this app. I would love to hear from you people.

It is time to bid adieu, until my next article, stay tuned and check out other articles as well, only if this was worth your time. AND STAY SASSY & CLASSY ALWAYS!!!

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