Mi Band 5 Release Date, Price and Features Leak

Back in June 2019, one million Mi Band 4 were sold in mere 8 days. This shows how crazy people are for Mi bands. The huge demand of Mi Band 4 has increased the keenness of the users to know when will the most awaited Mi Band 5 will be launched and what will be the Mi Band 5 release date, which is the expected successor to the Mi Band 4. No doubt, the Mi Band 4 was a huge success and the same is expected from the Mi Band 5.

Mi band 5- screenshot

The Chinese manufacturing company Xiaomi has got a huge fame and success in the smart band and fitbit market and with the Mi Band 3 & 4 really broke the market, and the same hopes are set from Mi Band 5. As per the reports, Xiaomi has already started working on the features and development of Mi Band 5.

Expected features of MI Band 5

The Mi Band 5 is expected to be one of the best and affordable fitness trackers of the years, and also we have heard a few leaks and rumors about the features of this device. There are certain predictions that are made in context to the Mi Band 5 features, such as:

Enhanced sleep tracking

Sleep tracking is a great perk to a fitbit. This includes detailed sleep tracking information, sleep time categorization. The Mi Band 5 is expected to provide a better feedback to improve the sleep one have each night.

No more only black straps:

Earlier the Mi Band range was only offered in a single black color, which cuts down the choices of the customers. People look for different colors and materials, which was not present in the recent releases of Mi bands. Thus, Xiaomi is expected to come up with some gaudy and funky colors for the users to choose from. The enhanced choices of colors can enable the people from matching their fitbit with their outfit, and stylofy their look.

Onboard GPS

People were expecting Onboard GPS from the Mi Band 4, but unfortunately this feature was missing in it. The existing Mi Bands demand the user to connect the phone every time, in order to track the runs, which is a huge drawback. Thus, the Mi Band 5 can do a lot better in this context. People are waiting for a fitbit with onboard GPS feature, which will not require carrying the phone around.

App multi-tasking:

While working out, people often look for timers and stopwatches. It would be great if this is possible with the fitness tracker itself. Though the Mi Band 4 couldn’t access other apps during working out, but maybe the Mi Band 5 becomes the best gym companion for fitness freaks. If introduced, app multi-tasking can be a great feature in Mi Band 5.

Auto-sense Fitness tracking

From every fitbit, people expect the auto sense fitness tracking feature. This feature helps the fitbit to automatically sense, when the user started the workout and provide even more accurate results. Mi Band 5 can be a huge hit, if this feature roles in with it. Improved heart rate sensor, rapid movement recognition can make this fitbit the next choice.

Larger display

The leaked information shows that the Mi Band 5 will come with 1.2 inch display. This means more space for icons, enhanced visibility, lighter, with more contrast, and easy access to the band even in sunlight. And also, the users might see more of blockier look in Mi Band 5.

NFC Support

Well, I am a bit dicey with the feature of NFC support in Mi Band 5. However, the current rumors indicate towards NFC introduction in the new release, which would enable to user to make payment through their fitbit.

Mi Band 5 Release date

The biggest question that lies unanswered is what is the release date of Mi Band 5? As per Huami, people might have to wait for 2020 release date. And some rumors state that the Mi Band 5 can be released in or around June 2020.

In August 2019, a statement by Wang Huang indicated that they do not have a fixed time in context to the Mi Band 5 launch. But they also cleared the fact that they have already started working on Mi Band 5 with Xiaomi and the wait won’t be that long.

Analyzing the last trends, i.e. Mi Band 4 announced and launched in June 2019, Mi Band 3 created a buzz in May 2018, the fitbit lovers can assume the new band to roll in the similar time in the year 2020.

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Will Mi Band 5 be a success?

Well, this might be too early to answer this, but after seeing the craze that people have for Mi bands. Be it the Mi band 3 or Mi band 4, the latest release is expected to create a lot of buzz in the market. I myself as a fitbit lover, is eagerly waiting to flaunt Mi Band 5 on my wrist. I hope you might have enjoyed reading the article, and I will be updating you with all the latest news related to Mi Band 5. So, STAY TUNED with SASSY BLOGGER!

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