Malaika Arora is Obsessed With a Beauty Tool

Malaika Arora adds a new beauty tool to her secrets of flawless skin naturally. Malaika Arora even after being 47 is still giving some fitness and beauty goals to not only the top beauty bloggers, or the fashion and beauty influencers, but also the youth out there. In the recent video uploaded by her on her Instagram Handle @malaikaaroraofficial, it was seen that Malaika Arora is obsessed with beauty tool. Often it is believed that celebrities opt for beauty techniques that are always super plush and expensive. And are far beyond the reach of common people.

Malika arora obsessed with the beauty tool-screenshot

Malaika Arora come through and share some simple secrets of her flawless beauty. She shared that a simple gua sha is the simple secret of her youthful skin. Gua Sha is an ancient chinese beauty tool practiced for a youthful skin and has resurfaced in the recent times.

Gua sha the beauty tool-screenshot

Gua Sha is a lot more into hype for a chiseled jawline. Even Malaika Arora is obsessed with the beauty tool. You just need to gently massage the gua sha upwards on the high points of the face after a well-lubricated skin and get a chiseled fabulous jawline and flawless skin, which is as youthful as Malaika Arora.

Malaika Arora- The Diva

Malaika is an all time diva, and believes in all things natural, even for her skin. She is a firm believer of Yoga, and follows some basic asanas for radiant skin. One of her captions on Instagram handle “Sarvangasana regulates the flow of blood towards your face as you are upside down, Halasana helps to reduce stress and Trikonasana opens the chest and shoulders which allows supply of fresh oxygen to the skin.” proved her approach to the beauty she flaunts.

Every now and then, Malaika continues to share her beauty secrets and mantras. Being a fashion and beauty blogger, even I personally love the beauty tips by Malaika Arora.

Go for this beauty tool and share your experience!

Well, now that you know that even Malaika Arora is using Gua Sha, why not give it a try. You can share your Gua Sha experience either in the comments section below, or you can DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28. I would love to share your experience with my lovely audience. And I hope that you found this segment interesting, for more such updates, stay tuned to Sassy Blogger. Until my next piece of writing, STAY SASSY & CLASSY, like always.


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