Instagram Marketing Trends 2020

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Instagram has created a lot of buzz in the social media world, and no doubt, it is one of the most used social media apps currently. In 2020, Instagram is no more a mere social media platform, rather it has grown as an economic engine for various brands. More than 70% of the brands have made it to Instagram successfully and are using this tool as their primary or secondary income generation tool. The vogue of Instagram is rising every hour, and it is luring people with a variety of new concepts and ideas. So, I am here to tell you the Instagram Marketing Trends 2020!!

Till 2019, Instagram marketing was only confined to branded posts and some similar content, but it is now the era of influencer marketing, where Instagram stories and IGTV videos are just like a cherry on top. With the evolving features, the competition has increased to a great level. So, to take a lead in this competition, every Instagramer should be aware with the latest marketing trends and try to stay on top of these trends. Spamming the post with loads of random hashtags was a trend at times, but now things have turned upside down. Trends have changed, and I am here to update you with that. So, without wasting a single second, let’s dive into the world of Instagram Marketing trends for 2020!! Well, before moving ahead, I just remembered to remind you to check out my Instagram handle @sassy_blogger_. So, go check it out!

Instagram Marketing Trends List

Well, well, well, the list is not huge, I have summarized only the top trends, instead of cluttering the post. So, do not miss out a single line, it can lead to huge losses.

1. Instagram Stores

Instagram stores have created a lot of buzz in the recent times. In the recent few months, Instagram has emerged as one of the best and highly preferred online selling and shopping platform. The platform’s visual style makes it pretty easy for the upcoming brands to display their products. The app also allows the stores to add links of the products to the stories. There are numerous Instagram stores making a decent amount of money via this amazing platform.

Well, Instagram stores can be a kick start for many startups and minor entrepreneurs. Seeing the growth of this trend, I believe that this is going to stay long in the #trending list. I have always been attracted to these Instagram stores and always been wanting to have one. There are countless stores, be it apparels stores like Fashion Nova, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, VIBE Apparel Co., Faithfull The Brand, Sonya Bee’s Boutique, Tularosa, etc. or other stores. So, if you are yet to build, then pull up your socks or you are gonna miss something really great.


This app has made vertical videos a huge trend. Insta Live, Stories, IGTV, etc, all of these support the vertical video feature. And yes, the fact to which we can’t deny is that, this is one of the most mobile friendly and user friendly feature. Being a trend, IGTV and vertical videos has attracted tons of Instagrammers

This feature is gaining traction these days and also it helps the brands to gain a lot of customers, as it allows the brands to showcase their products in a more creative and attractive way.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new trend though, but trust me it is gonna stay for long. Brand influencer collaboration has become the backbone of not only the newbie brands, but also of some high-end brands. Brands pay famous influencers for posting their product’s images and stories and promote the products to their fanbase.

And the best part of influencer marketing is that it is highly affordable as compared to traditional ad campaigns. These days brands have a special set of funds to invest in influencer marketing that too a large scale. Not only the inflluencer earn from this trend, but also it is a large source of revenue for brands.

4. Instagram stories are never out of trend

Well, the instagram stories have always successfully made to the top instagram trends. Stories are one of the best options to attract users not only to increase fanbase, but also to promote brands and their products. Instagram stories have always been the most effective options to market the products and make the best of revenue.

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Are you following the above trends?

Well, these were the trends that should followed to make the best out of Instagram. So, update your trend list and reap out the maximum of your Instagram account. And yes, I hope you liked the post, for more such interesting posts stay tuned and keep reading at


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