How to write a blog post?

Blogging is the key to success of marketing efforts! From my 3 years of experience of writing daily, I would say blogging is a creative process. Blog posts are and will always be no. 1 asset for engaging with audience directly and generating warm leads for your business. I started my website i.e., when I had around 2 years of writing experience, and when I was sure enough that blogging is what I actually want to do. Trust me on this, marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than the ones who don’t. Being a content writer, I feel myself eligible to share some quick tips on how to write a blog post. A content is full of irresistible headings, interesting introductions, captivating advice, and motivational closings. If this sounds interesting to you, then come along and you would really enjoy writing a blog post after this.

Tips to Pack more power into each blog post

Dig in deep to unleash a powerful blog post!


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Similar to a base of a house, there is a foundation of every blog post, which includes two small pillars i.e. ideation and research. It is very much important for a blogger to analyze the product and services and come up with ideas that would look great as a blog post. In situation when you are short of ideas, the best way is to know what content will be preferred by the readers is to check out the blog posts that have already captured a lot of attention. Analyzing the competitors and their content can also work to get the basic idea about the blog post you want on your website. Research is the key for a well-informed blog post.


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Trust me on this, crafting an irresistible heading is a must, if you want some to hang around and have a look at your blog post. Headline is just like a roadmap to follow. Crafting quality heading will add clarity, conciseness and conviction to your blog post. Make your piece of writing a navigation system, and make each of your sub headings an intersection that joins your every paragraph and makes sense to the reader. Headings are like teaser, that would compel the reader to click and check what’s inside.

#A tip from my side

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I don’t know whether, this will make sense to you or not, but I would recommend that if you are just starting with your first ever blog, then initially jot down the points that you would like to mention in your blog. What I mean is that when you have a content topic in your mind, try jotting down the points and get a brief outline of what you want in your blog post.

#Introduction of your post

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The introduction of your post would decide whether the reader will hang around or close the tab directly. It is very important to grab the readers attention in first 2-3 lines, and make it captivating. Writing an introduction is a gradual process, you can’t just throw the entire information directly in the readers face. Describe the purpose of your blog post and explain whether you will be able to address the reader’s issue. This basically gives a reason to the continue to move ahead and connect with your post.

#Do not overflow

Many of you might follow the more the merrier concept, but this works up to certain extent only. At times, blog posts have an overwhelming amount of information, which is difficult to understand by the reader. Keep your content relevant and crisp. I believe that an article of around 1000 words would be more than enough for the readers. Elaborate what’s relevant, don’t talk about stars and moons, trust me the reader is not at all interested.

#Proofread and edit

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This is almost the end, where you have to proofread your post. Checking grammar, format, and other blog elements is an essential step to give a final touch to your blog post.


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According to me, a visually appealing content would engage more readers than a simple essay. Visuals are very much important for the success of every blog post. None of us would prefer to read an unattractive post. Using relevant images will make your post more sensible and easier to understand for the reader.



This is a bit technical part of blogging, for which you would have to spend some time in learning the basic of search engine optimization. Such as, knowing more about keywords, Meta tags, Alt Tags, etc.

#Edit your blog to get it crawled

As per my experience of handling my website i.e. and its posts, I would recommend you to keep editing your articles on a timely basis, and make them more informative for the readers. This will not only help the readers, but will also make it rank on Google.

Go through my other blog posts and explore how the format, heading, sub-heading, introduction, etc.. of an article should be.

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Crux of the Article!

All in all, to write a blog post, one must have to think creative and work accordingly. When I write an article for my own website or for someone, I ensure that it is informative and relevant, and at the same time, it is readable. Going in too technicalities, is not what I practice. You can read my other articles, and learn the pattern that I follow for my blog posts. I would suggest you to make your own style of writing. If you want to master the art of writing a blog post, then chant the mantras of research, relevancy, and captivation. Once you have mastered these three main mantras, trust me you will see visible results. And, one more thing I would want you to understand that, everything takes time and so is writing a blog post. I hope now you have got the answer to your query “How to write a blog post?”

Thus, be careful while writing a blog post and don’t just write for the sake of completing the word count. And yes, for any queries, drop a comment down and I would love to have a one on one conversation and discussion with you! Or DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28 So, time to bid Adieu, and until my next blog post STAY SASSY!!

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