How to increase blog traffic?

If you are a blogger or if you are starting with your own blog, then you might have the query in your mind of how to increase blog traffic. As per my own experience, I would say that getting more readers for your blog is both an art and science. Getting serious about traffic is very much important, if you want recognition for your blog. Struggling to gain traction on a blog is pretty common these days, when there is cut-throat competition. This is where proper strategies come into play. Come along with me, and I will brief you with the strategies to increase blog traffic. So, let’s begin!

Simple tactics to increase blog traffic

Trust me on this, when I say that you can grow your search traffic by 51% in 3 months. Often bloggers get frustrated and just give up on blogging, but once you are well versed with the tactics to increase blog traffic, you’ll understand that the blog can have a tremendous impact on the business. You can boost your readership, build and increase blog traffic, with the tactics below:

#Create Viral content

Creating viral content is the key to a successful blog. We all try hard to create some spicy and viral content. Most of us fail to do so, and this is because we don’t pay attention to the sites that create viral posts. This might sound stupid, but trust me, it is very much important to keep an eye on your competitors and their content. If they are creating viral content, you can learn the secrets of viral content creation, by understanding their content strategy as well as SEO strategy.

Well, I will tell you some secrets behind creating viral content. Read ahead religiously:

  • Writing great headings
Great headings for viral content-screenshot

Honestly, this isn’t any secret, this is a basic concept, which is always recommended. This can also be said as clickbait, but not really. According to a study, headlines perform the best, when they are polarizing. Clickbait might sound a bit dirty word, but a good headline draws readers in and encourages them to click through and read ahead. The headline might have baited the reader, but you need to ensure that the product and the content should back it up.

  • Get the length right

Once you have your grip on the headings, you should definitely have a look on this tip. Some of the best posts exceed 1000 words. The long the content is, the more it is shared. Moreover, the length of the post enhanced the opportunities for SEO. This in turn results in higher conversion rate. Longer posts are good for backlinks and also for organic leads.

  • Ideation
ideation -screenshot

The last tip or secret I would love to give is to have a killer idea that you are sure about to hit the skies and go viral in social media. This can be done by understanding the audience. You can use a topic generator to generate content ideas. One can also generate ideas from the reviews.


keywords in SEO-screenshot

Have you planned or strategized your content? Keywords have always been the key to a successful content. SEO and keywords are always play an important role of the strategy. Using keywords in the context text is recommended, by keyword stuffing to saturate the content completely with search queries is never suggested. The blogger should try to link other related posts, written on a specific subject. However, including so many links isn’t recommended at all. Google drives billions of searches a day. If you want a piece of that pie, then using keywords is a must. When you start doing keyword research, creating a spreadsheet is a must. Column wise add URL and associated key phrase. Targeting long tail keywords is always recommended for speedily increase blog traffic

#Targeting the right audience

target audience-screenshot

Spending time and effort in a wrong direction, won’t help you in any way. It is very much important to be strategic about spending your time and also about targeting the audience. Make sure to establish the presence across a range of social networks. Check which social network will work best for you. You need to know, where your audience is. Understand your audience for building strong referral links from relevant websites. One can use Google Analytics to see which websites are driving the most referral traffic.

#Add Images in your blog

Image sharing in content-screenshot

Images can add life to your content. They can add a sense of what you are writing about to the readers. The main image accompanying the post will show up, whenever the visitors share one of your posts on social media. Images can be optimised to help the content appearing in search results. Adding suitable keywords to the picture’s alt text, file name, and caption, help the search engines gain a better understanding of the post. Good images make your content look authoritative.

#Social sharing

social sharing-screenshot

We encourage social sharing of the blog posts. Be explicit with your requests for people to post your content on twitter, facebook, and other social networks. Sharing your post on social platforms, would definitely increase blog traffic. You can also add some clever social sharing icons to various parts of the website, as well as data capture forms can help in enhancing the reach.

To Summarize!

Though I have tried to summarize all possible strategies to increase blog traffic, but the last one I would love to recommend is to be consistent. Consistency would definitely boost your content reach and traffic. These secrets and strategies would surely work, but if you are expecting overnight results, then I am sorry to say but this won’t happen. This is a gradual process, and you have to be patient to experience the results. Stick to these tactics and you will get organic leads, and will see a boost in your conversion rate. Imply all these strategies, but never compromise with the quality of your content. Quality and quantity go hand in hand, so try to keep pace with both the concepts

I hope I made some sense to you throughout the post. Well, if not, or in case I missed any of the traffic strategies that has worked well for you, then I would love to hear that. Leave your views below and until my next article, STAY SASSY!!

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