Fitness lessons from Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of legendary Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha. The best fact about Sonakshi Sinha is that since starting itself, she has been transparent about her body transformation. If you are following her on her Instagram profile, then you can easily get inspired to get fit. She lost almost 30 Kgs of weight before entering Bollywood. She hits the gym twice a day to keep her body toned. Like many other actors and actresses, Sonakshi also struggled with weight loss. Her weight loss journey and the transformation that she had are fitness goals for many youngsters out there. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala makes her do everything during her fitness session. So, being a lifestyle blogger, I have jotted down the fitness lessons from Sonakshi Sinha to shed those extra kilos during lockdown 2.0!!

Fitness mantras by OG!

Here are a few fitness lessons from Sonakshi Sinha, the OG herself:

#Incorporate skipping to your routine

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Sonakshi has often mentioned that skipping can serve a high intensity workout and a couple of minutes spent in skipping can amplify the heart rate and accelerate fat loss and calorie burn. Majority of the fitness freaks have said that skipping helps in toning the calf, thigh, arm and shoulder muscles. It also improves balance, coordination and agility. This is one of the best cardio burns you should definitely add to your workout.

#Compete with yourself

There is always a room for improvement and competing with yourself will enhance your growth for sure. Sonakshi knows that comparing oneself to people on Instagram can leave demotivated. Meeting someone else’s goal can leave you in despair. Sonakshi also mentioned that “I feel like following people on social media for fitness can be disheartening sometimes, because you always end up comparing yourself to these athletes and builders. Everyone has their own fitness journey and ways, I think it’s best to stick to your own”.

#Motivate yourself

Fitness is not a one-and-done deal, progress is not linear. This is a step-by-step process and at each step you need to motivate yourself to get fit. In one of her feed post’s Sonakshi mentioned that “It’s taken me months and months to even get my feet off the floor and to finally be able to do this without any support feels like I’ve conquered the world!! Still a work in progress, still need to get straighter and I know I will soon enough”.  No one can be your motivation unless you motivate yourself.

#Start your day with cardio

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Not only Sonakshi, but the fitness OGs kick start their day by getting in a cardio workout. Sonakshi told in one of her posts that she starts most of her mornings with cardio on an empty stomach. She further shared her routine, which included stairmaster for 30 minutes and brisk walking for straight 25 minutes. Well, as per our research, there is no hidden secret behind fasting cardio, rather it is basic logic that is your body feeds on stored fat and carbs for energy instead of food. This leads to a higher fat loss and improves your workout quality.

#Look for pilates to lengthen and strengthen

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This might seem low impact and low intensity, but according to Sonakshi pilates promote strength, balanced muscle development and flexibility. Further, it also results in an increased range of motion for the joints. In one of the Instagram post’s, Sonakshi shared that she started doing pilates approximately six months back and it suited her. There a plethora of exercises that one can do on those machines, and this doesn’t make your workout boring. Being a fitness enthusiast, you can do something new each day. Sonakshi is still obsessed with the workout, getting in a session on the reformer every chance she gets. She also said that she loves working out on the pilates reformer. And further added that there are so many options that one can add in during the session.

#Strict diet

Strict diet is always essential for a well-maintained body. Sonakshi follows a strict diet, to be an inspiration to all fitness enthusiasts out there. She starts here day with a glass of warm water, honey, and lime juice. Sonakshi follows a light breakfast including low fat milk, cereal and whole wheat toast. Veggies should always be a part of your breakfast. All this provide the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Sipping green tea between meals to load with antioxidants has always been included in Sonakshi’s routine. Moreover, she doesn’t take any carbs after 6 pm. And takes protein related meals for dinner.

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Start with your fitness regime today with fitness lessons from Sonakshi Sinha!

In one of her interviews, Sonakshi mentioned that don’t have a particular cheat day. She further mentioned that if she feels like eating or having something, she has, as she believes that she needs to be happy during dieting. She also believes in doing workout in totality. Couple of body parts take longer to reduce and tone as compared to others, but they need to work on the entire body.

Sonakshi Sinha proved that functional training helps in increasing stability and strength at large. She works on her stability and also lifts a lot of weights. All this helps her in toning the muscles and putting the gym equipment to good use.  This beautiful soul hasn’t left any stone unturned to stay fit and inspire people out there. Core workouts and crunches are her strengths. She doesn’t believe in looking at the number on the scale anymore. A lot of fitness enthusiasts get inspire by her, and her fitness mantras that we have discussed in this segment. So, get inspired by her and start your fitness regime today itself. Believe in yourself, motivate yourself, and start working out today. Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it and make the most of it.

I hope you found the segment interesting, comment your queries below, or DM me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28. It is time to bid adieu, until my next blog STAY FIT, SASSY, & CLASSY! – #sassy blogger

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