Design a bohemian room you always dreamt of!

The boho and minimalistic interiors theme is quite in these days. And and and…. If you are an influencer or someone who follows a bunch of influencers, then you would definitely admire a pastel themed, or minimalistic room design. So, in this segment, we will be designing with you a bohemian/ minimalistic/ dream room for you.

Design a bohemian room for yourself with me

Your room says a lot about your personality, and choices. Together we will try to portray your actual self in your room. Minimalistic room can be termed as clean lines, a restrained palette, and a stripped-down simplicity. Whereas, bohemian style is a rule breaking, personal, and unconventional style of décor. Bohemian aesthetics are often densely packed homes, patterned rugs, mixes of textures, and a lot more. Both these styles can go hand in hand even in the most of the homes. Here in this segment, I will be starting from scratch, however, you can incorporate any of the items and ideas from this segment and make your dream room your way. Dig in deep and design a bohemian room with me!

#A not so bulky bed

Bedroom is definitely incomplete without a bed. But do you even realize, beds occupy a hell lot of space, and especially if you have a restricted space, and of course single beds don’t look that appealing to many. Well, a solution for this can be round beds or couch beds. Let me drop some ideas below. However, I would suggest you to get it made in white.

round bed-screenshot
Round bed cum couch-screenshot
Roun bed- screenshot

Adding this bed not only give your room a slight modern touch, but also will make it cozy. You can definitely go for upholstered bed backs or as per your choice. And when it comes to minimalistic, then white is the color that rules.

#Design a bohemian room with boho side tables

side table-screenshot
white bogo side table-screenshot
white boho side table-screenshot
boho side table-screenshot

Side tables are often a necessity in any room. But instead of adding those bulky side tables, you can definitely add a bohemian touch with some boho styled tiny side tables on either side or on one side only. Top the side table with a cute and boho lamp.

#Wooden shelf will definitely work

Adding a wooden ladder shelf painted white can also add some aesthetic touch in your room. Additionally, you can add some artifacts or some décor pieces on it, along with moon lamp.

white wooden ladder shelf-screenshot
white wooden ladder shelf-screenshot 2
white wooden ladder shelf-screenshot   3
moon lamp-screenshot

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#A cozy corner for beautiful moments

A cozy corner is a must, when it comes to a bohemian room. You can design a corner of your room inspired by the images shown below.

cozy corner-screenshot
cozy corner-screenshot
cozy corner-screenshot 3
cozy corner-screenshot 3
cozy corner-screenshot 5

#Curtains speak a lot

Ruffle curtains are in right now. Not only they are the current trend, but also, they give a cozy, yet not so bulky look to your room. Thus, if you have windows in your room or even on an empty wall you can use these curtains, with an intention to make it a beautiful wall or background.

ruffle curtains-screenshot
ruffle curtains-screenshot 2

#Add some color with plants

When everything is super subtle and minimalistic, adding a touch of color with indoor plants makes it perfect. Here are some ideas that you implement.

plants in bedroom-screenshot 3
plants in bedroom-screenshot 2
plants in bedroom-screenshot

Moreover, you can also use a vase in trend these days i.e., the ring vase with Pampas grass. This vase can be placed either on your side table or anywhere in the cozy corner.

plants in bedroom-screenshot 4

#Go all boho with Macramé

Macramé are definitely synonymous to bohemian décor. So, on either empty walls or the wall above your bed or even behind the doors, you can use Macramé or even the macramé shelves and add to the aesthetics.


#Final touches

Add some touches here and there with like throw blankets, cute ruffle or rusty cushions, Jute rugs, jute table mats, etc. And try to bind things together with these nitty-gritty things.

Final touches-screenshiot

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Everything coming together!

Now that you have added some cute, cozy, boho, and not so chunky elements to your room. It might come together beautifully and you plan to design a bohemian room for yourself might be successful. I have tried to drop some pictures that would give you an idea how the room would look like, not exactly but somewhat similar.

I really hope you would like this segment and would be able to Design a bohemian room with you personal touch, as this one is purely out of my imagination. For any queries, or if you want to share your décor thoughts and imaginations, then drop a comment below, or directly connect with me on Instagram @minal_bhatnagar28. I would love to have an aesthetic discussion with you people.

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