CHANEL shifts to the GEN-Z Bandwagon

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Being a Fashion blogger in India, it is very much essential to be updated with what’s happening in the fashion industry, and also update my beloved audience. So, here is the recent update regarding Chanel. Well, with the Chanel cruise 2021 collection, Virginie Viard is joining the hoards of designers making a play for that crucial shopping demographic. Numerous looks that walked the Carrieres de lumieres set runaway, gave flashbacks to the teen years. Fringe embellished mini skirts paired with graphic tees, spaghetti strap dresses and tanks layered over white tees.

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Chanel cruise 2021 collection

The collections has a few too many ideas that don’t blend together. Moreover, Chanel’s cruise collection is also out, which is inspired by the letters exchanged between French poet Jean Cocteau and the fashion house’s Coco Chanel in their years of friendship. The cruise collection connects 60s designs with 2000s punk rock styling. Other than a few pieces, the pieces are all in black and white. Heavily using textures from crochet to sequins to tell a story.

Along with the signature Chanel tweed blazers and the classic bag in black, the cruise collection drew inspiration from different decades. The 60s brought flared robes and flowy dresses in patterned fabrics.

The cruise collection made use of four eco-friendly tweeds, all first of their kind, reports WWD. The italian yarn maker that chanel acquired last year, 28 out of the 78 looks in the Chanel cruise 2021 collection contained more than 70% sustainable threads. Viara brought the iconic tweed suit as the perfect splash of color to a largely monochromatic collection. A standout pink tweed suit rocked the former quarry in les baux de provence.

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