Casual Dress For Women – Summer Trends 2021

Though we are locked in our homes back again, but we don’t lose the right to dress up nicely. So, here we are some casual dress for women- summer trends 2021. Entire 2020 summers went in pajamas and nightsuits, why not feel good this summer and get all dolled up. Though, some of you might prefer slouchy clothes with light fabrics for work from home, this is why being a fashion blogger, I have come up with some trendy casual dresses. Let’s dive in quickly and check out the summer trends 2021.

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Top casual dresses for summer 2021

  • Matching sets
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This year, the 70s matching sets styling trend has made a major comeback. These sets come in different fabrics, colors, styles, and patterns. The matching sets can be a great addition to the wardrobe and come in very comfy. Matching sets always look stylish, sophisticated, and yet they are highly comfy. You have the option for both solids and printed. This can be a cool addition to your wardrobe this summer.

  • Scarf tops
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Scarf tops are so much in trend, and you can see almost every influencer trying it be it Mridul sharma, Vru vachhiyat, or Justjahnvi. Almost everyone has invested in a square scarf as it is a staple in every closet. A simple piece of cloth can make you stand out from the crowd. This can be a beachy outfit, and can be super cool for your insta feed. Pairing it with a denim short of fitted pants would add to the complete attire.

  • Oversized clothing
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Comfy clothing has always been synonymous to oversized clothing. Oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. are very much in trend. This trend will keep you comfortable in the scorching summer head, and will give you a casual, laid back yet chic look. Pair it with anything, and style them with minimal accessories, and no-makeup look. I am personally obsessed with oversized clothing.

  • Graphic tees
graphic tee summer trends 2021-screenshot

Graphic tees is another fashion trend similar to oversized clothing, which can keep you comfy and classy at the same time. It can be the most expressive outfit and you can wear it this summer to make it a statement. Pair it with some shorts, skirts and you are all ready to be captured.

  • Tank tops
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Tank tops have always been a trend in summers. And the style returns every time, and it is grander than before. Who would want to wear those thick fabric tops in prickly heat, thus tank tops have always been the savior. Every girl must have all colors of tank tops piled in the wardrobe. When nothing comes into your head, slide in a tank top with a pair of shorts or pants and you are all dolled up.

  • Palazzos
plazzo summer trends 2021-screenshot

Palazzos are a synonym to comfy. What can be more comfortable than a wide legged palazzo pant. Skinny jeans and fitted pants are no more the go to choice. If you want the room to breathe, then this fashion trend should be an addition to your wardrobe. Be it denim, printed, plain, or plaid, it suits a person of any age, or whatever you body type. When staying indoors, pair it with a casual tee, or a crop top and enjoy.

Revamp your wardrobe with these summer trends!

Even my wardrobe also needs a complete makeover this summer. So, why not declutter the wardrobe all together, and get on the latest summer trends. I would love to hear you in the comments and share your experiences or you can DM on Instagram i.e. minal_bhatnagar28, I will surely have a healthy chit-chat session.

Articles are no less than an art, so until my next piece of art, STAY SASSY and CLASSY. – Minal Bhatnagar

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