Affordable Makeup Brush Set for Beginners

Hola Beauties!!!! Are you a Makeup newbie and looking for an affordable makeup brush set that could get you through the learning phase perfectly? Well, check out what I have for, a SASTA, SUNDAR, and TIKAU option. LOL!! Makeup brushes play a vital role, be it in beginning phase of even after you become a PRO, without them you can’t carry out a bunch of steps for a flawless makeup. Trust me gurlsss branded makeup brushes are way too heavy on anyone’s pocket, especially if you are just starting with makeup.

In the starting phase, you have to spend on buying some quality makeup products, and then spending too much on brushes will hit your pocket hard. So, here I have an affordable solution for you!

Club Factory Experience

Club factory app

YESSSSS! I am talking about the brush set from club factory. I know after hearing club factory, you might think that this gurl is mad, as club factory can’t be trusted that much on quality. Don’t get me wrong. I have actually purchased this set on my own and reviewed it in detail on my Youtube channel.

I personally feel that shopping on Club Factory is like gambling, as sometime you get great products at almost half the price. At times you even feel disgusted after shopping on the app. I have had mixed experience with this app. But the experience with this product has been great. I could recommend this to my viewers and readers. I know, I might sound boring to many, but that’s how I am.

Product Description

Well, talking about this product, it is a brush set from Club factory Datnasayad Brush Book Makeup Brush Collection (24 Pcs Premium Off White). It might cost you from 150- 700. This statement might confuse you. Hang on, I will clear this for you. The prices on club factory app keeps changing, at times a product is available for Rs. 100 and the same product could cost you Rs. 1000. It all depends on the price of the product, when you see it. In such case, I would recommend you to keep an eye on the product you like and grab it at its best price.

club factory brushes

This Brush set consists of 24 brushes with a pouch sort of thingy. The brushes include a humongous fan brush, which is soooo cool and useful. A couple of face brushes and a rest eye brushes completes the set. It is quite sturdy and blends perfectly. The best part about club factory is that it offers free shipping on all products. For detailed review of this product, checkout the video above or visit my YouTube channel: Minal Bhatnagar

There are a couple of other options for affordable makeup brush set for beginners at club factory that you can opt for, as the brushes quality is commendable. I would definitely recommend my viewers and readers to give this product a shot.

I hope you found this post helpful. For any suggestions, queries, recommendations, or collaborations, comment down or DM me on Insta @sassyblogger. I will be coming up soon a new quirky and interesting blog, until then, STAY SASSY and Keep reading at SASSY BLOGGER!

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