About Me!

Before anything, Thanks for stopping by and investing your valuable time. I thought to keep this introduction to be a bit formal, but that’s not who I am. I might look too kiddish, but yet have 2 years experience in content writing. Oh… I missed to tell you who I am. Well Hey, I am Minal Bhatnagar and I am fashion blogger, and a lifestyle blogger, and a technology blogger. Well, you can say I am a multi-niche blogger. I started this blog recently just with a hope to get a platform where I could share my thoughts, ideas, point of views, and a lot more. I always had a keen interest in writing and also in literature, and that interest has escorted me till here.

I first thought of writing just on fashion and lifestyle and become a fashion blogger, but somehow convinced myself to create a multi-nice blogging site. I have high hopes from this website and I know my readers might also have high hopes from my posts. We are a tiny family as of now, but soon will be a huge one I believe.

I basically post articles related to fashion, lifestyle, technology, social media, and news.

The categories mainly include:

Fashion: This category will brief you with the latest fashion trends and also my views on fashion and styling.

Lifestyle: Whereas, the lifestyle category will take you to the day-to-day activities and beauty tips.

Technology: This category needs no explanation, but it is going to have chit chats about the latest tech innovation and inventions, as well as launches.

Social media: This is all the buzz out there, you are going to see some conversation about all the social media apps and related stuff.

News: Well, this category will have some current affairs, cz I want my readers to stay updated.

I am very thankful to you for spending your time in reading this and also reading my posts. You can also share your views with me via my social media accounts. I would be very happy to hear you. And yes Stay SASSY Readers!!



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