2021- The year of new beginnings

new year 2021

The year 2020 taught a lot new terms i.e. “Pandemic”, “Quarantine”, “Lockdown”, “Social distancing” and a lot more. Sanitizers and masks were never so hyped ever before. All in all, 2020 sucked and there was nothing to embrace about the year. Collectively, it was a rough year for the entire world where life had experienced a pause, but finally it has come to an end. Ending of 2020 brings in a new beginning of a fresh year. 2021 is the year of new beginnings, a reboot in life for normality and stability ahead.

2020 was certainly not the year anyone wishes for. As we enter 2021, it is important to make up our mind and decide what we would like to fill our life with this year and which dreams we would like to bring to life. Let us step into 2021, with a clear focus and intention.

Promises to make for 2021- The year of new beginnings

Soon you would be stepping into 2021, the year of positivity, and it’s best if you enter prepared! So, here are some promises that you should make to yourself, for a better year ahead.

  • Be thankful for the opportunity to start fresh and enter the year 2021
  • Prepare yourself for the changes that will come in your life and get all set for 2021- The year of new beginnings
  • Health and self love should be your priorities
  • Challenge yourself each day and be an improved version of yourself daily
  • Promise yourself that you would not take anything for granted

How to make a fresh start in year 2021?

The year 2021 can be the chance for a new beginning and starting from scratch. To make a fresh start in 2021 or to make some good memories this year, here is what you can do:

Think out some new activities

Though 2020 has taught us how unpredictable life is, but let’s not leave our hopes. This shouldn’t stop you from planning new things. Living life to the fullest should be the ultimate moto of 2021. So, plan your year and make it exiting.

Set some personal goals

To keep life spicy, crisp, and interesting, it is very much important to have some personal goals to achieve in life. It might happen that the ones you have ben chasing after lately, haven’t been bringing you content. Start with something small and achieve what your deserve in 2021.

Positivity is the key

While 2020 was come roller-coaster with loads of negativity and sorrow, start fresh on a positive note in the year 2021. Flush off the bad memories of 2020 and give a chance to 2021 and be positive.

Plan a tour to pamper yourself

I know our thinking might not match at this point, but I would say a trip to a peaceful and soothing place is important for your mental relief. Take out some time and plan a vacation with your dear ones and add some excitement to 2021. NOTE: Don’t miss out the safety precautions!

Bid Adieu to 2020

Nothing can be started fresh until you get over with the past. Though 2020 was tough to forget, but to move ahead and enjoy the year ahead, it is very important to bid adieu to 2020. Don’t forget the life lessons this year taught us, but make a room for some new memories that are on their way with 2021.

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The fact that 2020 was quite stressful can’t be denied. But spoiling the year ahead by carrying forward the same thought, is not what I would recommend. So, now that you are standing on the brink of 2020, it is time to prepare yourself for a new and happy year ahead! Welcome 2021 with open arms and with loads of positivity.

It is time to bid adieu, but before that HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 to all my readers and I wish each one of us enter the new year with positivity and a huge smile on our face!! Until my new post, stay tuned, and STAY SASSY!

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